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December 14, 2018

Simon & Greg Record the World S01E03

For full disclosure, Puremix is truly honored to host this amazing video series of "Simon & Greg Record The World".
What those two guys managed to accomplish is nothing short of amazing. Please give them a warm welcome and DO SHARE MASSIVELY.

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Check out any music gear site and one thing becomes very obvious, very quickly. There's always something new, something bigger, something better. Something that promises to make your mixes sound louder, clearer, and more compelling than anything you've done before.

But, in episode 3, season 1 of “Simon & Greg Record the World,” the guys end up learning that with a few pieces of quality gear, a little creative room setup and mic placement, and knowing how it all fits together is really all you need to get a great sounding recording.

Well, as long as you have talented musicians and great performances, of course.

Check out how Simon and Greg turned a living room in Senegal into a studio where some truly stunning recordings happened over the course of two days.

Super bonus! Download the stems of the song recorded in this video.



Some photos


GChad Man!