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Worth $129 Compressor


The COMP.TWO plugin is a faithful emulation of the German-built hardware compressor by Rockruepel (Rock-bully in English). It is an all-tube vari-mu design, meaning there are no transistor stages in the circuit. Ideal for adding glue to your mix.
Worth $99 Drum replacer

Drum Replacer

A realtime drum replacement and processing utility, UVI Drum Replacer offers effortless audio separation and triggering with a sophisticated feature set. It provides up to 8 internal tracks for replacing or layering drums.
Worth $148 Compressor


Fast, characterful and versatile, the Pulsar 1178 is the ultimate control for modern mixes. This emulation of the iconic hardware compressor delivers the same unique sound and vibe. A go-to choice for adding warmth and character to any tracks.
Worth $149 Audio editor


Add harmonic richness and depth to your tracks. Sugar offers essential harmonic enhancement techniques in one centralized tool, resulting in a full-spectrum enhancer that adds punch and thickness to your records.
Worth $149 Meter


Customizable real-time metering displays (iOS/Android) on your desk with Decibel by process.audio. It offers unparalleled LUFS and dynamic metering for precision analysis of your audio files.
Worth $149 Distorsion


Spicerack offers five different flavors of harmonic distortion to add warmth, grit, and character to any track or mix. Choose between 5 professional sounding algorithms that have been carefully engineered to handle all situations.
Worth $99 Pitch correction


Melodyne 5 essential is a powerful pitch and timing correction tool for monophonic audio signals, offering intuitive note-based editing capabilities. The software is known for its legendary correction of out-of-tune notes.
Worth $249 Reverb


SP2016 is an Eventide reverb that emulates the classic hardware unit, known for its rich and warm reverb sound. It offers lush reverbs, delays, and multi-effects at a fraction of the cost of the hardware, and includes presets by renowned producers.
All plugins included in your Puremix pro plan