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December 14, 2018

Simon & Greg Record the World S01E05

For full disclosure, Puremix is truly honored to host this amazing video series of "Simon & Greg Record The World".
What those two guys managed to accomplish is nothing short of amazing. Please give them a warm welcome and DO SHARE MASSIVELY.

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In this 5th episode of “Simon & Greg Record the World,” the pair find a bar with no real roof to speak of in which to record the young and very talented Asukatendeng Family. They discover a mixing board from the legendary manufacturer “Mixer.” (That's a joke. No one knows where the thing came from. Plus it didn't work.)

Greg gets to use his tools... a lot. A snare hunt is launched. Simon saves the day by being prepared. And our heroes learn, for the first time, how vital a dancer is to an audio recording session.

You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll see just how far a little bit of pluck and creativity can really take you. Just like the old saying goes: The show always goes on... at least until the stage collapses.

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GChad Man!