Brian Lucey
Lizzo • Post Malone • Michael Bublé • Shania Twain • The Black Keys


Award-winning Mastering Engineer Brian Lucey is one of the most prominent Industry Engineers and has worked with renowned artists such as Depeche Mode, The Black Keys, Arctic Monkeys Liam Gallagher, Royal Blood, Marilyn Manson, “The Greatest Showman” and more.

He is well-known for his philosophical approach to mastering, mainly focusing on emotions, feelings and how your body responds to the sound.

Brian believes that mastering is an important part of the music creating process and that it should have an immediate impact on the listener while also maintain a timelessness aspect, that "the world will judge us by forever".

If you've watched Brian's video on pureMix, you will understand that a great mastering engineer knows how to combine subtle technical moves in order to deliver the artist's music to the world in the best possible format.

Brian Lucey