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Think of as a ‘’think tank’’ for your music. It’s a unique way to get feedback on your work by your fellow Puremix members or one of our Mix coaches!
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As a Puremix Pro member you can upload your production, one at a time, by clicking on the ‘’Submit a mix’’ tab. In order to help the Mix coaches help you, please describe what you are looking for as much as possible.

‘’Tell me what you guys think’’ is usually not a good idea… ‘’What do you guys think of the snare / bass / how the vocal sits / the dynamics of my master / etc. etc.’’ usually leads to the best results.

Your session will last 2 weeks. You will then be able to close it and upload a new track! Please give Super likes to your favorite Mix coaches! They’ve earned it.

Wanna become a coach?
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If you feel like you've been making music long enough so that people can learn something from you, please click on the ‘’My Coaching’’ tab and turn on your email notifications.

You will get a digest email every time someone needs your help. You can even filter notifications by music genre.

You will most likely receive likes, super likes and the Puremixers’ eternal respect and gratitude. Priceless.

What about privacy and security?
Mix Tank privacy

Mix Tank is for Pro members ONLY.
This means that no one from the outside world (your clients, friends, colleagues etc.) will be able to listen to your song or download it. This is a restricted area where we can all help each other before releasing our content.

Once your session has expired (max 2 weeks), only you will be able to consult it and listen to it.