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Send us your video
and we’ll promote you

Send us your video and we’ll promote you

Puremix Studio Showcase Program

send us videos
Get exposure: Selected studio showcase videos will be featured on the Puremix social media network, newsletters and website.
Boost your reach: Gain new followers and connections from your city and across the world.
Be part of the community: Engage with the audio community and receive feedback from mentors and Puremixers.

How to participate?

Video tutorial
For making an outstanding video follow our tutorial & suggestions:
1Introduce your studio and yourself in under 2 minutes: Start by sharing your name, studio name, and location and mention the kind/type of music you usually like to work with! Remember a high audio quality is crucial!
2Be unique: Feel free to share your thoughts about music, gear, software or any creative solution you did when you were starting as mixer.
3Say goodbye, leaving a lasting impression. Feel free to be yourself and don’t forget to share your contact information!
4Include some organic and visually appealing shots (B-roll) of your studio to complement your testimonial. Send your edit and/or your assets via wetransfer here: