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History of the Beatles Recording Techniques
22 episodes
History of the Beatles Recording Techniques
Record The World: Morocco
6 episodes
Record The World: Morocco
Psych rockers at Blackbird
35 episodes
Psych rockers at Blackbird
The Weird Sisters
Modern production goes vinyl
21 episodes
Modern production goes vinyl
Jared Evan
Flux keeps the light on
25 episodes
Flux keeps the light on
Oak & Ash
Jazz at Capitol Studios
5 episodes
Jazz at Capitol Studios
Cyrille Aimée
It's gonna be heavy!
9 episodes
It's gonna be heavy!
Tyler Bryant The Shake Down
Punk Punk Punk!
5 episodes
Punk Punk Punk!
Dry Clean Only (DCO)
Record The World: Senegal
6 episodes
Record The World: Senegal
Sweet Beast
12 episodes
Sweet Beast
Illiterate Light
Sunset Sound 'Lucky Number'
12 episodes
Sunset Sound 'Lucky Number'
Bryce Drew
Words to say
7 episodes
Words to say
The Arrows
NYC soul music
2 episodes
NYC soul music
The Liza Colby Sound

Learn the secrets behind hit songs

Watch award-winning engineers break down their mixing process of hit songs.

Hozierw/ Andrew Scheps
1h 58m

If you have seen Andrew Scheps deconstructing his stereo mix of "Movement" on pureMix, it would be hard to imagine a better song for Andrew to choose for the world's first Dolby Atmos Mixing breakdown from start to finish.

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Andrew Scheps
Alanis Morissette
Chris Stapleton
Lolo Zouaï
Nipsey Hussle
Twenty One Pilots
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Green Day
Imagine Dragons

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Gaël Martinet — Founder & Developer at Flux:: plug-in
Puremix focuses on what really matters and not what gets in the way of the music. They truly teach you how to listen and improve your mixes and recording with the tools available on the market.
Guillaume Jeulin — Lead Engineer at Blue Cat Audio plug-ins
Those tutorials are concise and go straight to the point. I can't think of a better place to learn audio engineering tools and concepts. And it's fun!
Ryan West — Mixing Engineer - Eminem, Jay-z, Rihanna
Puremix is such a valuable resource for anyone looking to learn more about the craft of making records. Even seasoned professionals will find a treasure trove of gems. Videos are fun, well-made and very useful.
David P. — Puremix Pro Member
Like learning a musical instrument, learning the recording, mixing and mastering side is an art all to itself. I have always walked away with better understanding and insight into music production from Puremix
Anne-Marie R. — Puremix Pro Member
A PureMix subscription helps me learn new mixing and production tricks and keep me on my toes.
Bryan G. — Puremix Pro Member
Every video is inspiring and teaches me something I immediately put to use in my productions.
Dave R. — Puremix Pro Member
I love these videos, they are entertaining and educational. It's amazing to get information from top international engineers and producers when I live so far away from the big music centres of the world.
Jen K. — Puremix Pro Member
I am excited to learn from the best in the industry and make contributions to the community. Thank you for helping me become a better professional!
Andy G. — Puremix Pro Member
Videos from Puremix have helped me learn mixing techniques and have increased my ability to hear fine nuances especially when mixing vocals.
Gary L. — Puremix Pro Member
I think that's why they don't mind spilling the beans on their mixes, because what is on display is years and years of mistakes and experience as well as EAR TRAINING. It's good to see why they make the decision they do to make a great record.
Thomas M. — Masterclass Student
I was impressed by Fab's ability to convey knowledge, point out the most sonically important things and focus on the music all at the same time!
Tom K. — Masterclass Student
I guarantee you will not be the same mixer or producer as you were before the masterclass.
Martin K. — Masterclass Student
Amazing weekend, it was a truly illuminating experience. I feel like I've had a glimpse of the "top of the mountain" and know what a record by top class musicians in a world-class facility and mixed by industry leaders sounds like (and very importantly, how it was done).
Kyle V. — Masterclass Student
A traditional classroom setting could not do for you in 3 months what this class did for me in one weekend.
Lauren Passarelli — Professor of Guitar at Berklee College of Music
These are the advanced recording techniques I’ve been looking for. To be able to sit with these masters and learn why & how they make their choices is a dream come true. I love this website.
Lucas S. — Puremix Pro Member
I particularly appreciate Fab's teaching style. He's concise, holds my attention, and I've benefitted enormously from his teaching.
Maximo B. — Puremix Pro Member
Puremix.net has my favorite pro audio tutorials. They're practical, well presented, full of content and at the same time very amusing.
Brian S. — Puremix Pro Member
For anybody looking to 'Level Up' their game as an engineer, Puremix.net is an amazing place to go to study virtually with some of the best ears in the industry!
Wayne H. — Puremix Pro Member
These great Pro Mixers are my Virtual Mentors! PureMix provides excellent mixing tutorials and has exceeded my expectations!!!!
Alex D. — Puremix Pro Member
These tutorials are awesome. Fab has a great approach with people to make them feel good. He explains complicated things in a comprehensible way. Good teacher and nice attitude.

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